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EP “BETA” Out Now!

BetaGlitch1600My EP “BETA” is now out on iTunes, Amazon, and Google Play. It is my first artist EP and was a couple years in the making. Pick it up and write a review!
Buy on iTunes
Buy on Amazon
Buy on Google Play

Merch is on the way!

I’m currently waiting for an order of 1000 vinyl stickers. They will be available for purchase on my website and will cost $1.50 and include free shipping. Once I have tshirts and my EP available online, the stickers will be included for no cost. Individually they will still cost $1.50. Hope everyone is as excited as I am. Here is the logo design for the 4″x 2″ sticker.

Forever Remix Contest Winners

The official winner of my “Forever” Remix contest. Congrats Astro Kid!! Your track will be included on the upcoming album “BETA”. Thanks to everyone that sent in a remix. There were so many great tracks it was difficult to pick a winner..

The following artists will be included on a “Forever Remix EP”

Thank you to everyone that remixed the track, it was great to hear your individual influence and style.

“Forever” Remix Competition

Here are the stems to my track “Forever”. The best remix will make it on the upcoming EP and other well crafted remixes will be included in a separate “Remix EP”. Remember to be creative and put as much of your personal style into your remix. All genres in electronic music are welcome and encouraged. Best of luck to everyone and have fun!

Remix Contract
“By downloading the audio/midi files to ‘Forever’ (written and produced on November 6th, 2010 by Excerpt), you acknowledge that all song rights both before and after remixing are owned by Excerpt & Xrpt Records. You agree that any use of said remix for promotion, release, and live playback by Excerpt is allowed. Any personal use of ‘Forever’ remix is at the discretion of Excerpt & Xrpt Records and can change at any time. Online posting and sharing on social media of previews or complete remixes must have the format ‘Excerpt-Forever (_____ Remix)’ using your artist name/moniker in the shown blank area. Using, imitating, or recreating the audio/midi files contained in the ‘Forever’ remix pack for commercial use is not allowed at any time.”











Download size: Approx. 200mb
File Type: .wav
BPM: 127
Deadline: March 8th, 2013
Submission: Unmastered version emailed to

You may submit mastered version if also available.

Download ‘Forever’ Remix Pack

Download ‘Forever’ Midi Pack


Portable Acoustic Foam Panel

Having a studio in an apartment has its drawbacks. Besides keeping the volumes at a certain level while working on tracks, acoustically treating the room has to be done in a non permanent way. There are few options for attaching acoustic panels. You can nail them into the wall, glue them, or apply one of the many forms of double sided tape. Nailing them not only looks bad, it rips the foam too. Gluing them is time consuming both before you apply the foam and after you rip it off the wall. Sanding the wall after removal is usually required. It’s not a good idea unless you have a lot of free time. The last option is to use double sided tape. I’ve tried many different types. Most don’t attach to the foam and causes the foam to fall off within days. It requires constant maintenance to keep them on the wall and they really never line up. The double sided tape that does work will rip the paint off the wall when you try to remove it. This is a problem with most apartments that don’t prep the walls before painting in order to cut costs.

What I decided to do was use a special glue made for acoustic foam and apply it to a very thin wood board. The wood board would have picture frame style mounts and just hang on the wall with a simple nail. This allows for easy application of the foam and perfect alignment of each individual piece. The wood board can then be moved freely without damaging the foam or the wall. There are only 2 nail holes to fill when you decide to move or rearrange the studio.

For the acoustic foam, I went with the Auralex foam. It was easy to find at a good price since their main headquarters is located in Indianapolis and is about 20 minutes from my house. All the retailers in the area had an abundance of Auralex room kits.

Each individual foam piece measures 1′ by 1′. The layout that properly covered the wall behind my monitors and work area measured 5′ by 2′. I went to Lowes and had that exact size cut in thin wood. It cost approximately $10 for the wood and cutting it.


Once the board was cut, I removed a previous acoustic foam project made from cardboard in order to align the nail locations in the wall and attach the picture frame mounts.
After it was perfectly aligned I used the Auralex Tubetak glue that came with the room kit. I glued each piece of foam down and waited for it to dry and properly attach to the board.
I took my time so that everything was aligned and I wouldn’t have to fix it later. After around an hour of letting the pieces dry, I mounted it on the wall.
Now I have an acoustic foam section that can go wherever I move my studio next. It was an extremely cheap and easy project that I’ll probably do for my remaining Auralex pieces.

Thanks for reading and let me know you’ve used this idea for your studio. I’d love to see how it has helped you.

Music From Outer Space synth build

I’m always in search of new sounds, so I was excited to start this DIY analog noise generator from MFOS.
I ordered all the electrical components from Futurlec which I probably won’t do again. It took them 1 week to put together my order, then about a month to ship. Granted, they shipped it from China.. but they didn’t have to send it by boat.
Anyways.. on to the build. I got the MFOS Weird Sound Generator board a couple days after ordering which was excellent.. Once I received the components, I printed out the MFOS plans and started soldering.


First I started with the resistors by mounting the resistor and heating up the contact point. The melted solder stuck to the wire and made a solid connecting on the front and back of the board. By the way, soldering is so much fun..



I had every resistor soldered except one 750k ohm resistor which wasn’t available from Futurlec. Radio Shack didn’t carry it either. I had to go to a small electronics shop in downtown Indianapolis. The resistor was much more expensive but I was just glad they had it.
Next up was the Integrated Circuit chips. I had seen recommendations to use a IC socket instead of actually mounting the IC straight to the PCB and potentially burning out the chip. Instead, I mounted the capacitors and left enough room to bend back the leads so I could put in the IC socket once I bought them.
Once everything was securely mounted I cut all the extra wires underneath right next to the solder point. I then started to mount my switches and potentiometers to the 1/16 piece of metal I cut to size and had holes machined. I started soldering wires to these components.
I used a combination of precut wires and wires that I cut myself based on the distances between components.



Wiring to the panel done. I organized the wires by color and section. Later i’ll zip tie them together to keep everything nice and neat. Moving across the panel and components, I started soldering the wires to the circuit board.
The original plans didn’t have LEDs wired so I added three from MFOS’s “Mods” section on the site. Once everything was connected and I double checked everything it was time to test it out.

Success! The green led indicates power and the purple/blue led indicates Oscillator LFO rate. They will blink faster when you turn up the LFO rate. The project looks pretty basic at this point because I still need to have the vinyl faceplate printed. I also didn’t order enough knobs for the potentiometers. It’s almost impossible to find 11 of the same knobs anywhere but online, and most of them cost way too much for metal knobs. I accidentally ordered 7… don’t ask me why, cause I don’t know.. Here’s a temporary mounting structure until I have a custom box built like my outboard rack and modular synth case.

Stay tuned for more updates on this build and future sound files. I have already put some of the sounds it makes into a track and it is perfect for atmospheric background noise.

15 Minute Mix Download

Decided to upload my 15 minute mix of various genres. Free download! Enjoy and share it!

15 Minute Mix Download

Studio Additions

I’ve been taking a break from the studio to work on other projects like web and graphic design. In addition to these, I have been planning a different way to manage my instruments in order to be more creative with my tracks. Soon I will be adding a custom build analog synth for useful background noises in different tracks.

The custom synth is a project from MFOS (Music From Outer Space). They have tons of great DIY projects and I can’t wait to pick up more from them. Next up will probably be a 16 step sequencer for use with the modular.

I’m also picking up a Focusrite Saffire Pro 40 to replace my Allen & Heath Xone DX as the audio interface to everything. The Xone was a great temporary fix and served its purpose up until now. The Saffire Pro is going to open so many options for music creation and I can’t wait to show you what I can do with it. Stay tuned!

Upcoming Projects

I’ve got a few projects in the works, one of which is finishing the remaining tracks of my album “BETA”. It looks like it will get pushed to a 2013 release. So far I have about 5 confirmed tracks to be included on the release. The track “Forever” is currently in the music section of this site as a prerelease preview. I am extremely happy with the way it ended up and I can’t wait to offer it to you as a free download.



The other project is the website for my personal label Xrpt Records. Xrpt Records is going to be used to release my personal tracks/albums/EPs on all the major music distribution sites. I’m also planning on release other tracks from talented producers around the world. It’s my goal to help build recognition to these otherwise unknown artists in hopes of them gaining a larger record deal. I’m trying to stay busy with all this and i’m looking forward to everything coming up. Stay tuned!

VST Review: Togu Audio Line – NoiseMaker

Basic software synths have always appealed to me for their minimal design. While some of the more advanced synths come with a long list of features, they have a very steep learning curve and usually require that you know at least a few things about synthesis. With Togu Audio Line (TAL) virtual instruments, that’s not the case. Read More

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